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2023年8月17~19日,北京大学7th International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language ResearchAugust 17-19, 2023,PEKING University, CHINA 会议处所:北京大学对外汉语栽培学院会议网页:https://hanyu.pku.edu.cn/xwgg/tzgg/367961.htm计划邮箱:hanyuan@pku.edu.cn研讨限度:应用讲话学、讲话素质法、篇章分析、平日讲话学、...

2023年8月17~19日,北京大学 7th International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research August 17-19, 2023,PEKING University, CHINA

会议处所:北京大学对外汉语栽培学院 会议网页:https://hanyu.pku.edu.cn/xwgg/tzgg/367961.htm 计划邮箱:hanyuan@pku.edu.cn  研讨限度:应用讲话学、讲话素质法、篇章分析、平日讲话学、讲话习得、语用学 使用讲话:华文、英文 Location: School of Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China Webpage: https://hanyu.pku.edu.cn/xwgg/tzgg/367961.htm Meeting Email: hanyuan@pku.edu.cn Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Language Teaching Methodology, Discourse Analysis; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Pragmatics Language(s) :  Chinese, English


会议简介: 汉语动作第二讲话磋议学会(CASLAR)每两年组织一次外洋学术会议,旨在相聚大家磋议汉语动作第二讲话的习得、发展与期骗的内行学者于一堂,进行汉语素质限度中学问意见和践诺教诲的探究与换取,撑执汉语素质限度学者间的切磋互动,以期踯躅出更多学术磋议运筹帷幄的构思。该会议属于CASLAR发展潮水的一部分,其运筹帷幄在于使一门以实验与践诺为基础的学科成为一门以磋议与表面为基础的学科。第一届研讨会于2010年由浙江大学专揽;后来分裂在台北(2012)、意大利帕尔玛(2014)、上海(2016)、香港(2018)和好意思国华盛顿特区(2021)举办。本次会议为第七届会议。 CASLAR旗下《汉语动作第二讲话磋议学》双语学术期刊(由De Gruyter Mouton; Berlin/NewYork出书)也袭取学会宗旨,为列国粹者提供展示磋议后果的园地。

Meeting Description: CASLAR is a biennial conference with the goal to bring together scholars from all over the world whose research focuses on the acquisition, development and use of Chinese as a second language to survey available knowledge in the field, exchange ideas and initiate research projects. The conference is a part of the CASLAR movement that aims to transform a field from a primarily experienced-and practice-based discipline into a discipline based on and supported by research and theory. The first CASLAR conference was held at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China in 2010. Since then, the CASLAR conferences have been held at Taipei (2012), Parma (Italy,2014), Shanghai (2016), Hongkong (2018), and Washington D.C(2021). Another means supporting the CASLAR movement is a new bilingual journal Chinese as a Second Language Research《汉语动作第二讲话磋议》published by De Gruyter Mouton, Berlin/New York. Copies of the journal will be available at the conference. Website of the journal: http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/caslar


会议组织机构 专揽:汉语动作第二讲话磋议学会(CASLAR) 经办:北京大学对外汉语栽培学院 主席:赵杨纯属,北京大学对外汉语栽培学院院长       Distinguished Professor Istvan Kecskes, Chairman of CASLAR, Editor-in-Chief of Intercultural Pragmatics and the CASLAR journal, State University of New York, Albany, USA. Organizers: School of Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University Chinese as a Second Language Research (CASLAR) Association Conference Co-Chairs: Professor ZHAO Yang, PhD, Dean of School of Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University, Beijing, China Distinguished Professor Istvan Kecskes, Chairman of CASLAR, Editor-in-Chief of Intercultural Pragmatics and the CASLAR journal, State University of New York, Albany, USA.


会议议题 CASLAR-7接待与汉语动作第二讲话(CSL)任何限度相干的表面和磋议。但愿参会者准备20分钟的发言纲目。

提出的议题包括(但毋庸局限于)如下限度: - 汉语动作第二讲话的习得与发展 - 文化在汉语第二讲话习得中的作用 - 基于磋议的汉语第二讲话(外语)的素质法 - 动作第二讲话的汉语语用学 - 汉语第二讲话习得的剖判维度 - 汉语动作第二讲话的良友学习 - 科技与汉语第二讲话教与学 - 汉语第二讲话学习中的筹算机赞成交际 - 汉语语音、词汇、语法习得 - 汉字习得与识别 - 汉语第二讲话话语磋议 - 汉语第二讲话素质材料的成立 - 汉语第二讲话发展经由中的意见社会化 - 讲话学表面在汉语第二讲话数据中的应用 - 汉语第二讲话学习能源 - 第二讲话汉语对第一讲话的影响 - 汉语第二讲话水平测试与评估  Call for Papers: CASLAR-7 invites proposals for presentations that are related to research, and theory in any area of Chinese as a Second Language (CSL). Those wishing to participate should prepare abstracts for 20-minute presentations (plus 10 minutes Q & A). Below there are some suggested categories for topics, though submissions need not be limited to these areas. - Acquisition and development of CSL (Chinese as a Second Language), - Role of culture in the acquisition of CSL, - Research-based Language Teaching Methodology for Chinese as a second / foreign language - Pragmatics of using Chinese as a second language, - Cognitive aspects of CSL acquisition, - Distance Learning in CSL, - Technology and CSL, - Computer-mediated communication in CSL, - Acquisition of Chinese grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation - Chinese character acquisition and recognition, - Discourse in CSL, - Designing materials for CSL instruction, - Conceptual socialization in the process of developing CSL, - Application of linguistic theories to Chinese L2 data, - Motivation to learn Chinese, - Effect of CSL on L1, - Assessment of proficiency in CSL


蹙迫日历 - 论文摘抄截稿:2023年3月26日 - 考中达成见告:2023年4月26日前 - 事前报名: 2023年5月31日前 - 会议时代: 2023年8月17日(周四)至19日(周六) - 论文全文截稿(会后出书论文集):2023年12月31日 Important Dates - Abstract Submissions Due: March 26, 2023 - Acceptance Notification (by email): April 26, 2023 - Early Birds Registration: up to May 31, 2023 - Conference Dates: August 17-19, 2023 - Full Paper Submissions Due: December 31, 2023 - (for post-conference publication)   提交能处事项 1. 请在2023年3月26日前,通过金数据或EasyAbs提交 a. 金数据(https://jinshuju.net/f/vBWMGr)

b. EASYABS (http://linguistlist.org/easyabs/CASLAR-7) 2. 纲目实际请用华文或英文撰写,玄虚磋议的宗旨、花样、达成和兴味兴味等,汉语600字(英语350词)以内,3到5个要道词。花样条目:A4(或Letter)页面,12号字体,单倍行距。 3. 提交实际还需要包括: a. 作家姓名、申诉东说念主姓名 b. 作家计划邮箱、手机或微信号  c. 作家姓名、单元、职称(职务) Submission Guidelines: 1. Abstract should be submitted by March 26,2023. You can use 金数据or EasyAbs.  a. 金数据(https://jinshuju.net/f/vBWMGr)


b. EASYABS (http://linguistlist.org/easyabs/CASLAR-7) 2. Abstracts should be written in English or Chinese. Abstract length: maximum 350 words (or about 600 traditional or simplified Chinese characters) with title and keywords (A4 or Letter size, 12 points in single space). The abstract should summarize the purpose of the study, methods, main results, and implications (if relevant). 3. Please make sure the following information is included in the MS Word / PDF file when you submit your abstract to the online system:  a. Name(s) of author(s)/presenter(s)  b. E-mail of corresponding author  c. Your name, affiliation, and title    报名费 提前报名(2023年5月31日昔日) 全日制学生:东说念主民币400元 非学生参会者:东说念主民币800元 成例时分(2023年6月1日及以后) 全日制学生:东说念主民币600元 非学生参会者:东说念主民币1200元 会议聚餐(可选):东说念主民币200元   Registration fees:  Early bird registration: before May 31, 2023 Full time students:¥400 RMB All other participants: ¥800 RMB  General registration: Full time students:¥600 RMB All other participants:¥1200 RMB Conference Dinner (optional) ¥200 RMB   计划东说念主Contacts:  陈汐纯属(Ms. Chen Xi) Tel:(86)10-62757249 Email: hanyuan@pku.edu.cn

黄立纯属(Prof. Huang Li) Email: lihuang@pku.edu.cn